Wind load calculation

Buildings do not just have to be protected against rain, snow and temperature fluctuations, but also against the wind.

Effect of wind on flat roofs

A critical performance characteristic of a roof is its ability to withstand the environment in which it is installed. Depending on the building’s location and geometry, the wind pressures acting on the roof surface can be extremely high and turbulent. Therefore it is important to ensure that the roof system is secured to withstand these forces. Protan’s wind load calculation enables a roof’s requirements to be designed according to the latest European standards (EN 1991-1-4) using high quality, tested and approved fasteners.

Negative pressure

Wind causes negative pressure over flat roofs owing to the difference between static and dynamic pressure. In the case of hurricane-force winds, the negative pressure could be several hundred kilograms per m2, and is strongest at the corners and edges of the roof surface. In the case of turbulence, the roof structure is exposed to suction from above, in addition to which there is often pressure from inside as a result of leaks in the building's wall and roof structures.

Wind load calculation

By combining the choice of Protan’s various roof systems and different fastener options, Protan can optimise both the membrane usage and quantities of fasteners required for the roof system, whilst maintaining a technically superior solution.

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