ProPlan is roof planning software that quickly identifies the best roofing solution for your project.

ProPlan is centred on a unique software tool developed by Protan. It specifies what is needed in the way of materials, installation solution, square metres, insulation, fasteners and accessories. It allows easy comparison of different Protan Roofing Systems, for example large prefabricated sheets or made-to-measure rolls. Additionally, ProPlan enables calculation of tapered insulation schemes using different manufacturers’ products to optimise the design to meet the desired U values and essential fire requirements.

ProPlan visualises the construction in 3D before converting it into a detailed specification, quotation and subsequent manufacturing and site assembly details. Benefits include substantial on-site installation and logistic savings and minimising waste.


ProPlan offers many benefits to the specifier, contractor and building owner:


  • In installation costs
  • In waste - the membrane is made to measure
  • In logistical costs - the membrane is made to order not made for stock


  • In completion time - allows internal trades to start earlier
  • In process efficiency - using a single information platform